Month: October 2016

Car Play As The New Music Play

The latest technology that is ruling the automobile industry is the Car Play wherein everything in the Smartphone of the driver is connected to the car`s dashboard online. Some cars even have the most advanced censor trackers wherein the driver is just required to give his voice for any orders and the system will automatically change its function from one to the other. This completely eliminates the need for a physical radio and everything is done by the dashboard. Info autoradio ford focus It even connects to the internet for audio contents. This latest dashboard has become the main attraction in most of the models and is the key point for sales.

Android Auto – Here’s why Hands free and Voice Command is Recommended?

Every now and then we hear cases of fatal accidents that send shivers down our spine. The worst part of these is that the driers could have averted the fatality had he exercised minimum caution. Forensic statistics PLAYER TOP in 2014 – 2015 on a worldwide level revealed that the among road accidents involving four wheelers, a fourth of them were because the driver’s mind was distracted with his phone, checking a missed call notification or a beeping message.

The android Auto user interface allows the driver to use the features of the phone through the automobile’s dashboard head system. Thus letting the driver stay focused on the road The developers strongly recommend the use of hands free and voice commands so that the driver does not have to take his hands away from the steering and the display is also at eye level.